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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Easy Tips To Help You Go Back to School

If you’ve put it off only to find that you still want to finish your degree, there are plenty of easy ways to help you go back to school – and afford it. Use these tips to help you complete your degree requirements or start a new career.


Tips on Heading Back to School

Look for free or discounted community college

A great way to help spearhead your plan is to look for colleges that have free classes or reduced tuition. A community college may have cheaper tuition than a private college. If the community colleges in your area are starting a new fiscal year, they may have money in their budget to offer reduced tuition to a select number of students. Apply for these programs and you may qualify.

Don’t be overwhelmed either. You don’t have to take classes full-time. Chances are you are probably already working full-time, so a part-time class is a start. Speak to a counselor at the school about taking one or two classes so you can try it out with your schedule. If you can’t get to class, you can always take classes online which we’ll explore next.

Take online classes

Online classes can be fun. If you don’t have time to go to school or if you live far from the campus, online classes can help you get your degree. The downside is that a lot of online classes require writing – extensively, so if you don’t know how to type, take a class in typing first. This can help make it easier to keep up.

To help you with your online classes, at the beginning of the semester, be sure to read the syllabus so you will know:

  • Exactly how many times you have to log in each week
  • How your statements should be worded, i.e., 150 words or 200 words
  • When your projects are due so you don’t wait until the last minute
  • Which projects count the most. A paper that’s 50-points requires less work than one that’s 200.

Take a class to pick up a new trade

If you want to start a new trade, think about going back to school for design, fashion, real estate, computers, to do hair, or to be a nursing assistant. Salary suggestsgoing back can raise your take home pay when you graduate from your new profession. To find a school for medical assistant training program Phoenix AZ has a host of online options. You may even find that you can transfer credits from another school.

The benefit in starting a new trade is that you can work anywhere after you graduate. That means that the more experience you get under your belt, the more you can work on having your own business.

Talk to the counselors about the steps involved so you can plan to take the right courses. While it may take 2 to 3 years, enjoy the experience and don’t rush through the course. The goal is to learn something new along the way so you can help others one day who want to go back to get ahead!